Integrability in Condensed Matter Physics and Quantum Field Theory

Integrable sigma models at RG fixed points: quantisation as affine Gaudin models

by Jörg Teschner (DESY)


Bethe ansatz inside Calogero – – Sutherland models

by Jules Lamers (IPhT, Saclay)



Reflection relations and singular vectors

by Fedor Smirnov (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)


The quantum deformed Haldane-Shastry model at q=i

by Didina Serban (IPhT, Paris)

Constructing perturbative long-range deformations of spin chains

by Ana Retore (Durham University)

Perturbative expansion of energy densities in integrable models: the full analytic trans-series

by Zoltan Bajnok (Wigner Institute)

Application of the hidden fermionic structure to the integrable QFT

by Boos Hermann

Gaudin Integrability of Conformal Blocks,

by Volker Schomerus (DESY)

Conformal Bootstrap from Gaudin Integrability

by Jeremy Mann (King’s College London)




’t Hooft loops and integrability

by Konstantin Zarembo (NORDITA)


Systems with a Hilbert space fragmentation,

by Arthur Hutsalyuk (ELTE)

Quantum local charges in chiral affine Gaudin models

by Sylvain Lacroix (ETH Zurich)

Supersymmetric XYZ correlations and Painlevé VI

by Hjalmar Rosengren (Chalmers University)

Snake Modules, Extended T-Systems and

Correlation Functions for higher rank

by Henrik Juergens (University of Wuppertal)


Orthogonal ring patterns and discrete surfaces

Alexander Bobenko (TU Berlin) 

Constant mean curvature embeddings and the Fateev model IQFT

by Gleb Kotoousov (Leibniz University Hannover)

Topological gauging and non-relevant deformations of Quantum Field Theories

by Stefano Negro (NYU)

Geometrical web models

Jesper Jacobsen (ENS Paris)

Factorization of density matrices for the critical RSOS models

by Holger Frahm (Leibniz University Hannover)

Generalized Fishnet CFTs

by Vladimir Kazakov (ENS Paris)

The light-cone leading-logs of higher-point correlators via Stampedes

by Enrico Olivucci

Towards a mathematical theory of the ODE/IM correspondence

by Davide Masoero (University of Lisbon)

An Ising-type formulation of the six-vertex model

by Vladimir Bazhanov (ANU)


Algebraic Bethe ansatz for the open XXZ spin chain with non-diagonal boundary terms via Uqsl2 symmetry

by Dmitry Chernyak (ENS Paris)

On the influence of boundary conditions on the critical behaviour

of the staggered six-vertex model

by Sascha Gehrmann (Leibniz University Hannover)

Double-scaling limits of rectangular fishnets

Ivan Kostov (IPhT, Saclay)

Thermal form factor series for dynamical two-point fonctions

of local operators in itgble quantum chains

by Frank Goehmann (University of Wuppertal)

Analytical solutions of Dirac-Bogoliubov-de Gennes equation for

inhomogeneous quantum many-body systems

by Per Moosavi (ETH Zurich)


Selberg-Dyson integral and aspects of quantum geometry

by Pavel Wiegmann (University of Chicago)

Separation of variables and correlation functions from spin chains to CFT

Fedor Levkovich-Maslyuk (IPhT Saclay)

How to deal with non-linear integral equations with singular kernels?

by Andreas Kluemper


Fusion products and finite-dimensional quotients for

periodic Temperley-Lieb algebras

by Alexi Morin-Duchesne (Ghent University) )

Nonthermal electronic orders in photo-doped Mott systems

by Philipp Werner (University of Fribourg)


Tracy-Widom distribution in supersymmetric gauge theories

by Gregory Korchemsky (IPhT, Saclay)


Recoupling coefficients and quantum entropies

Matthias Christandl (University of Copenhagen)