The SwissMAP Research Station holds between 12 and 15 events per year. The sponsored events are selected by the Directors following the advice of the Scientific Council of the SRS.

Upcoming events are listed below (you can browse past events here). To see how to apply for an event, check the page Applying for an event.

Date/Time Event
30 June 2024 - 5 July 2024
Birational geometry and dynamics

The workshop aims to explore various connections between birational geometry and complex dynamics, focusing on recent achievements in the field. The projective space Pn is one of the most fundamental objects in geometry. Therefore, it is important to understand the structure of its group of birational transformations Bir(Pn), called the Cremona group. In the past […]

14 July 2024 - 19 July 2024
18 August 2024 - 23 August 2024
Quantum Key Distribution Summer School

While classical cryptographic schemes always have to fear the risk of being broken, in particular with the possibility that quantum computers are built, quantum cryptography promises unconditional security solely based on the laws of physics. This field of research is currently in an exciting phase in which theoretical concepts and ideas are not only experiencing […]

25 August 2024 - 30 August 2024
Topologically recursive behaviors

This event is the conclusive week of an overarching Summer program inclusive of a 4 weeks School and Conference at Les Houches (July 29 – August 25). The Summer program features research talks and PhD courses by leading experts in quantisation, string theory, resurgence, topological recursion, enumerative geometry and integrable systems, Chern-Simons theory and stability […]

31 August 2024 - 4 September 2024

Registration open until July 15 and proposals for contributions until June 4 !

15 September 2024 - 20 September 2024
Quantization in Representation Theory, Derived Algebraic Geometry, and Gauge Theory
22 September 2024 - 27 September 2024
12th International Conference on the Exact Renormalization Group 2024 (ERG2024)

The ERG conferences, held every second year, are intended to bring together researchers from different branches of theoretical physics who apply modern functional renormalization group (fRG) methods to describe and understand a variety of physical phenomena. For example, applications include quantum many-body systems, statistical mechanics, particle physics, nuclear physics and quantum theories of gravity. The […]

5 January 2025 - 10 January 2025
Winter School in Mathematical Physics 2025
12 January 2025 - 17 January 2025
Workshop on Resurgence, wall-crossing & geometry

The theory of resurgence was developed to provide a deeper understanding of asymptotic series in various fields of mathematics. More recently, this theory has been applied to problems in geometry and topology, leading to a new perspective on enumerative invariants in three-manifold topology and in algebraic geometry. A remarkable synthesis is emerging, relating analytic invariants […]

19 January 2025 - 24 January 2025
Algebra and Quantum Geometry of BPS Quivers
26 January 2025 - 31 January 2025
New Frontiers in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics

Problems in Extremal and Probabilistic Combinatorics seek to understand the maximum/minimum value attainable by one parameter of a discrete structure assuming only the value of another parameter of that structure. The discrete structure can be either deterministic, or drawn from some distribution. For example, the discrete structure can be a graph, and the question can […]

2 February 2025 - 7 February 2025
Statistical mechanics, Algebra, and Geometry
9 February 2025 - 14 February 2025
Stochastic Equations and Stochastic Dynamics

Tremendous progress has been made in the field of differential equations, including partial differential equations with noise. Fuelled by new techniques and modelling requirements, we can now handle a broader range of stochastic differential equations and stochastic partial differential equations. For instance, the solution theory for the KPZ equation and its cousin, the Stochastic Heat […]

16 February 2025 - 21 February 2025
International EGMO camp

This is an international camp aimed at preparing students for the European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad (EGMO). Each country will bring their EGMO team and a speaker, and the speaker from each country will teach one preparation session (morning or afternoon) in an area within algebra, geometry, number theory, and combinatorics. There will also be a […]

23 February 2025 - 28 February 2025
Workshop in Mathematical Physics 2025
28 April 2025 - 2 May 2025
Les Marmottes 2025 - Filles et Maths

  Stage d’initiation à la recherche mathématique aux Diablerets     À qui s’adresse-t-il ?    En priorité aux collégiennes genevoises de 2ème année intéressées par les mathématiques, en raison du grand nombre de demandes l’année passée. Nous accepterons des 3ème années s’il nous reste de la place. Aucune connaissance ou niveau préalable n’est requis, autrement […]

4 May 2025 - 9 May 2025
Summer school: Homological aspects of groups and their classifying spaces
11 May 2025 - 16 May 2025
Effective theories for many-body systems out of equilibrium

Despite their complexity, strongly correlated quantum and classical many-body systems have simpler effective descriptions when looking at behaviours that happen at long times or large distances. Intuitively, this is because of “thermalisation”, and related notions: the accumulation, over time and space, of a large number of complex interactions amongst local degrees of freedom, “washes out” […]

18 May 2025 - 23 May 2025
Mathematical Foundations of Biological Organization

Most of theoretical biology is currently restricted to modeling and statistical analysis. However, mathematicians and theoretical physicists increasingly search for general principles underlying life, and several instances of mathematical insights about biological facts have appeared recently. For example, the proposers have studied the principles of mechanics and evolution of allosteric proteins (JPE, [1]) and the […]

25 May 2025 - 30 May 2025
Advanced Lectures in Physics in Switzerland
1 June 2025 - 6 June 2025
Helvetic Algebraic Geometry Seminar (HAGS) 2025
8 June 2025 - 13 June 2025
Polylogarithms, homology of linear groups, and Steinberg modules
15 June 2025 - 27 June 2025
2025 SCGCS School -Topological Symmetries and Defects in Quantum Field Theory (Workshop & School)

Quantum field theory (QFT) is the universal language of modern theoretical physics. Originally developed to describe the interaction of light and matter, QFT has since found spectacular applications in particle, condensed matter, and statistical physics, as well as in cosmology and string theory. Some of the most profound open problems about the physics of non-topological […]

27 June 2025 - 29 June 2025
FSJM - Fédération Suisse des jeux mathematiques training camp
29 June 2025 - 4 July 2025
The Amplituhedron: Structure, Combinatorics, and Positive Geometry
17 August 2025 - 22 August 2025
MAPSS 2025

The Mathematical Physics Summer School for masters students is organized by SwissMAP and offers introductory lectures to different aspects of mathematical physics. Registration opens in March.

24 August 2025 - 29 August 2025
Intersections of Topological Recursion, Conformal Field Theory, and Random Geometry
31 August 2025 - 5 September 2025
International Workshop on Automorphic Forms

Modular forms, and more generally automorphic forms, is a classical topic that has been studied since the 19th century. Over time, the subject has evolved into a large research area with unexpected and far-reaching connections to many different domains. Recently, there have been spectacular development and applications such as • applying non-classical modular forms to […]

19 October 2025 - 24 October 2025
From research to outreach

This event would be jointly organized by the “Swiss Mathematical Society”and the “Société Mathématique de France”. The intertwining of research and outreach is a deeply federating topic for both mathematical societies, and will allow researchers from all fields to join. We propose a conference enabling researchers to create outreach content from their own research, and […]