The SwissMAP Research Station Scientific Council is formed by eight members,  amongst whom at least two scientists from ETH Zurich, two scientists from UNIGE and two from international institutions, selected for their expertise. The Council also includes at least two junior scientists (PhD students or postdoctoral fellows). Members serve a four-years term renewable once.

The Directors and Scientific officer of the SRS are permanent invited members with advisory capacity.

The SRS Scientific Council selects the successful proposals for activities at the Research Station, approves the annual report of the Research Station and formulates recommendations to the Directors and advises them on strategic issues

SRS Scientific Council members

  • Pr. Denis Bernard, CNRS & LPENS
  • Pr. Giovanni Felder, ETHZ
  • Pr. Matthias Gaberdiel, ETHZ
  • Pr. Marcos Beiras Mariño, UNIGE
  • Nuriya Nurgalieva, ETHZ
  • Claudia Rella, UNIGE
  • Pr. Stanislav Smirnov, UNIGE
  • Pr. Chenchang Zhu, Göttingen University