From Coadjoint Orbits to Black Holes

(January 16 – 21, 2022)

Coherent sheaves, Chern character and RRG

Jean-Michel Bismut (Paris-Saclay)


Wormholes and Statistics in Averaged Holographic Duality

Alex Maloney (McGill University)

Soft Gravitons in three dimensions

Kristan Jensen (University of Victoria)

Matrix Theory: chaos vs gravity

Alexander Atland (University of Cologne)

3d gravity and conformal blocks

Tom Hartman (Cornell University)

Asymptotics of intersection numbers on moduli spaces of curves- a review

Peter Zograf (Steklov Mathematical Institute, St Petersburg, and Chebyshec Laboratory)

Statistics of OPE coefficients from the Virasoro crossing kernel Alexandre Belin (UNIGE)

Phenomenology of Krylov complexity

Adrian Sanchez Garrido (UNIGE)

The Landscape of Gravitating Branes

James Sully (UBC)

Free field coordinates in the Schwarzian theory

Donald Youmans (UNIBE)