(November 28 – December 2, 2023)

Structural instabilities of ecosystem dynamics,

by Christian Mazza (University of Fribourg)

Squaring the circle measuring and modelling how to lower energy demandas part of climate mitigation,

by Julia Steinberger (UNIL, CLIMACT)


Extreme value theory and climate extremes,

Valérie Chavez-Demoulin (UNIL)

Presentation of Reatch association,

by Benedikt Shmidt

Effect of temperature change on the functioning of natural communities,

by Louis-Félix Bersier (University of Fribourg)

Electrification of the energy sector and its impact on power systems,

by Philippe Jacquod (HES-Wallis)

Greening the energy production from potential to implementation,

by Quentin Gallea (UNIL)