25 August 2024 - 30 August 2024

Organized by
Danilo Lewanski (University of Trieste), Nicolas Orantin (UNIGE)

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This event is the conclusive week of an overarching Summer program inclusive of a 4 weeks School and Conference at Les Houches (July 29 – August 25). The Summer program features research talks and PhD courses by leading experts in quantisation, string theory, resurgence, topological recursion, enumerative geometry and integrable systems, Chern-Simons theory and stability conditions.The two events are complementary and synergetic in terms of topics and of invited participants. An organised transport for the participants will connect Les Houches to Les Diablerets.

The final week in Les Diablerets wants in particular to provide the space and the time to connect Topological Recursion-like phenomena observed in different branches of mathematics and of physics. The event aims at bridging different vocabularies in a cross-pollination event enriching the community, with an emphasys on identifying open problems and fostering future collaborations.

Topological Recursion (TR) is a tool which initially appeared in the context of random matrix models and recursively computes all order correlators of the large N asymptotic expansion from the input data of the spectral curve. To name a few applications, since its formalisation in 2007 TR has been employed to tackle problems in Gromov-Witten theory, Mirror symmetry, Hurwitz theory, combinatorial maps, polynomial invariants of knots, as well as to compute the Weil-Petersson and Masur-Veech volumes and the asymptotic expansion to all orders in JT black-holes. TR was chosen as the topic of the AMS Symposium in 2016 and it is a central topic of the 2019 ERC Synergy ReNewQuantum.

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SwissMAP Research Station, Les Diablerets, Switzerland