4 May 2025 - 9 May 2025

Organized by
Macarena Arenas (Clare College), Rachael Boyd (U. Glasgow), Michel Bucher (Swiss University), Nathalie Wahl (U. Copenhagen).

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This summer school focuses on exciting recent developments at the intersection of geometric group theory and algebraic topology. The full force of the tools and ideas in the interplay between these two subjects have yet to be exploited. The aim of this school is to expose young researchers to the results and questions arising from the interactions between these two fields, giving them competitive tools to explore high level research problems. There will be three mini-courses on the following topics:

• Clara Löh – Covering spaces by amenable subsets
• Miklòs Abert – On the growth of homology and torsion homology
• Conchita Martìnez-Pérez – (Co)homological and homotopical finiteness and Sigma invariants of groups

The afternoons will consist of discussion sessions, a few research talks by leaders in the field to bring the content of the lecture series to current mathematics, as well as impromptu lectures on topics of the participants choosing. There will also be the opportunity for participants to give short talks on their research. Alongside the mathematical content, the leaders in the field will also be invited to talk about their careers, and there will be a career panel as well as social and networking events.


SwissMAP Research Station, Les Diablerets, Switzerland