12 February 2023 - 17 February 2023

Organized by
Arthur Forey (EPFL/SB/TAN), Raf Cluckers (University of Lille and KU Leuven), Andras Szenes (University of Geneva),  Dimitri Wyss (EPFL/SB/ARG)

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Non-Archimedean geometry provide a natural setting to study degenerations in various contexts. The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers coming from different fields of mathematics but related by the use of non-Archimedean geometry. They will share with each other their experience and points of view on this subject.
More precisely the following topics will be covered at the workshop:
– p-adic and motivic integration;
– enumerative geometry;
– non-Archimedean geometry : Berkovich and Hrushovski-Loeser spaces;
– tropical geometry.
Beside talks about recent results, the schedule will provide time for discussions and interactions.

SwissMAP Research Station, Les Diablerets, Switzerland