18 May 2025 - 23 May 2025

Organized by
Jean-Pierre Eckmann (UNIGE), Karsten Kruse (UNIGE).

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Most of theoretical biology is currently restricted to modeling and statistical analysis. However, mathematicians and theoretical physicists increasingly search for general principles underlying life, and several instances of mathematical insights about biological facts have appeared recently. For example, the proposers have studied the principles of mechanics and evolution of allosteric proteins (JPE, [1]) and the dynamics of active gels (KK, [2]). In light of such studies, we want to bring together people who have contributed in a similar vein to the methodology of this emerging field. This will allow to gauge the potentialities and limitations of providing mathematical insight and understanding of biological structures and processes. We organized a corresponding meeting at Oberwolfach in 2023, with speakers who addressed the question whether theoretical biology exists in the same way as theoretical physics, that is whether by abstraction of given data combined with mathematical realities, one can make predictions about other experiments.



SwissMAP Research Station, Les Diablerets, Switzerland