Emergent Theories for Wave Turbulence and Particle Dynamics

Fluctuation Theory for the Boltzmann Equation Local and Global Results,

by Sergio Simonella (ENS Lyon)

Growth of Sobolev norms for unbounded perturbations of the Laplacian on flat tori,

by Riccardo Montalto (University of Milan)

The Hartree and Vlasov equations at positive density,

by Mathieu Lewin, (Paris Dauphine University)


Beyond binary interactions of particles,

by Natasa Pavlović (University of Texas at Austin)


An almost optimal functional inequality for the Landau equation of plasma,

by Laurent Desvillettes (University of Paris)

Propagation of randomness, Gibbs measures and random tensor theory for NLS,

by Andrea Nahmod

(University of Massachusetts)





Growth of Sobolev norms in linear Schrödinger equations as a dispersive phenomenon,

by Alberto Maspero

 (SISSA Trieste)








Energy transfer for solutions to the nonlinear Schrödinger equation on irrational tori,

by Gigliola Staffilani (MIT)








Pre-thermalization in a classical phonon field: slow relaxation of the number of phonons,

by Jani Lukkarinen (University of Helsinki)







Bosonization of Fermionic Many-Body Systems,

by Benjamin Schlein (University of Zurich)






Quantum fluctuations and dynamics of a strongly coupled polaron,

by Robert Seiringer (IST Austria)


Full derivation of the wave kinetic equation,

by Zaher Hani (University of Michigan)




Bosonic properties of fermionic systems,

by Christian Hainzl (LMU Munich)






Hydrodynamic equations for the classical Toda lattice,

by Herbert Spohn (TU Munich)






Bosons in a double well: violation of central limit theorem and energy expansion,

by Alessandro Olgiati (University of Zurich)

Scattering map for Vlasov-Poisson,

by Klaus Widmayer (EPFL)



Bose-Einstein condensation for two-dimensional bosons in the Gross-Pitaevskii regime,

by Cristina Caraci (University of Zurich)









A new second order upper bound for the ground state energy of dilute Bose gases,

by Giulia Basti (University of Zurich)








Derivation of the Landau-Pekan equations in a many-body mean-field limit, by Nikolai Leopold (UNIBAS)